“I can’t do this and have no one to help” – Client Story about Hope

A client was very determined to have an abortion. The Father of the baby was just a friend who didn’t want to be involved in anything, he mentioned to her that it was better for her to have an abortion because it wouldn’t help her.

She is worried because she came from Honduras with her 6-year-old daughter and she has another 4-year-old in Honduras that her mother helps her take care of, so she has to work to support the 6-year-old and send money to her mother.

She doesn’t want to have her baby because she says she can’t afford other expenses. She doesn’t have help or health insurance and she doesn’t have documents to work, so she has to look for jobs with very little pay.

She told me that she had spoken to a clandestine place here in Olathe who told her that if she was less than 11 weeks, they could perform an abortion and it will be cheaper, but she was afraid and called us to find out about her options.

When we saw the baby in the sonogram, the baby was jumping and moving a lot and I told her to look. I told her that her baby is happy with her and feels safe.

She didn’t want to turn to see her baby, but when she heard the heartbeat she turned around and saw the baby moving. She looked scared and worried and didn’t say anything in the sonogram room.

When we got back to the room she started crying and told me that she couldn’t have another one because she doesn’t have money and that no one would help her. I told her that she’s not alone and that we can help her. She asked if I could help her to have an abortion. I told her I can’t help her with something that I know will affect her life. I told her that I’m going to help her so she can have her baby. I told her that we have many resources that can help her here at the clinic up until the baby is 3 years old.

She decided to have her baby and told me that she needed a lot of help because otherwise she couldn’t have her baby.