Your Generosity Saves Lives

Dearest Supporters,

After last night’s disappointing election results, we want to reach out to you with a message of love and hope. We were reminded powerfully this morning in various ways of His incredible and powerful presence with us in this moment. A friend reminded me this morning, “Jesus saw this day, too, during the agony in the garden. He knew as He loved us from the cross what the outcome of today’s vote would be. And He prepared us with grace-filled and prophetic leaders so that we are ready for the next stage of this journey.”

It is undeniably true! He has prepared us every step of the way and we are prepared to welcome more women than ever, possibly from other states, and help them face their unexpected pregnancy with His Love for each of them. We are honored to be on the front lines, and we are incredibly grateful for each of you. Your prayers, your calls, and text messages, your time and even your financial support edify us and make a real life saving and life altering difference.

We are in this together! Women and their families need us now more than ever. As we strengthen our resolve today, we thank our dear Lord for each of you!

We can do this! Intentionally and prayerfully, with love, we will band together and make abortion UNTHINKABLE one life at a time.

Love and prayers,

Leah A. Conner Diane C. Drouhard

And WPC/OPC Staff

Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic Olathe Pregnancy Clinic

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