I’m so grateful for this clinic. When I first seen positive on that little pregnancy stick I denied it so bad because I had only one thing on my mind if I was pregnant, abortion. Not because I don’t love kids or life but because I wasn’t ready, mentally, financially and any other way you can think of. I’m thankful that they test you free of charge to because I didn’t have the money to get a major hospital bill so that helped for sure. One thing that will always stay in my heart is when Kathy spoke to me about her experiences in her life and let me just say it was that conversation that led me to not get the abortion though I was so close, literally at the clinic ready to go through with it. I prayed as much as I could and that talk with her kept going through my mind and everything she told me was a fact. It’s like God chose her to speak to me what I needed to hear. I was closed off at first when I still had abortion on my mind but when I decided to keep my baby I couldnt wait to tell her the wonderful news. I’m just so grateful to have come across such an amazing clinic and even more an amazing woman that was sweet and so caring about my life as much as the one that was inside of me.