My experience of working as a counselor has helped me to identify myself within each of my clients. My clients arrive seeking love, counseling, and help. They just want to be heard without feeling judged. They are in search for happiness and just want peace in their lives.

We have all been “clients” in our lives in one way or another and we deserve a good service from our counselors. In every intimate appointment I have as a “client” of GOD, I come to Him looking for the same things that my clients come to me for and the service that I obtain is world class.

As a counselor, I want to provide the best service to my clients. My relationship with them depends a lot on my relationship with GOD. Each word of advice that I provide to them comes from above. I’m only an instrument to reach to them. At the end, in their lives or mine, God always has the last word.

I would like to conclude with the words of XXI century saint, Josemaria Escriva:

“Before God, no occupation is in itself great or small. Everything gains the value of the love with which is done”.

(Furrow 487)