Wyandotte Clinic: Sonographer

Reports to: Executive Director

Status: Part-time, non-exempt


Education & Certifications:

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


Licensed Medical Professional with Training/Certificate in Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound


Scope of practice

  • Operating imaging equipment and reviewing images to be sure they are of good quality and helpful for verifying intrauterine pregnancy and viability.
  • Identifying normal and abnormal imaging results, communicating a summary of the results to physicians or other health professionals, and alerting physicians to urgent problems.
  • Preparing patients for procedures and educating patients throughout the ultrasound exam.
  • Reviewing patient medical history, recording imaging results in patient records, and coordinating care with various other personnel within the clinic, primarily the Client Advocate.


Job Duties and responsibilities

  1. Obtain and record accurate patient history, including prior test results and information from client mobile intake records.
  2. Select appropriate equipment settings and adjust patient positions to obtain the best sites and angles.
  3. Prepare patients for exam by explaining procedure, transferring them to ultrasound table, and applying gel, and positioning them properly.
  4. Observe and care for patients throughout examinations to ensure their safety and comfort.
  5. Observe screen during scan to ensure that image produced is satisfactory for limited ultrasound purposes, making adjustments to equipment as required.
  6. Decide which images to include, based on gestational age and start date of last menstrual period.
  7. Provide sonogram and oral or written summary of technical findings to physician for use in assessing intrauterine pregnancy and gestational age.
  8. Maintain records that include patient information, sonographs and interpretations.
  9. Adjust and maintain equipment, prepare work schedules, and evaluate equipment purchases as directed by the Executive Director.


Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound training of Licensed Medical Professional Qualifications

  • Medical professional currently licensed as an RN, PA, NP, CNMW, MD, or DO in good standing.
  • Solid computer skills: comfortable with latest technology, track ball/mouse, uploading digital images, electronic medical records.
  • Working knowledge of OB anatomy/physiology, willingness to perform both abdominal and transvaginal scans (necessary in early pregnancy).
  • Good vision with visual discrimination to differentiate between subtle differences in shades of gray scale tissue, recognizing anatomical landmarks, with attention to fine detail.
  • Steady hands, with good hand and eye coordination: able to use the right hand to manipulate the transducer with fine motor movements, eyes continually observing the screen, while using the left hand to adjust controls on the computer- based console.
  • Spatial ability: a category of reasoning skills refers to the capacity to think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions about those objects from limited information. This skill is highly critical for the diagnostic purposes of sonography, as one must be able to view a two-dimensional black and white image on the screen (comprised of 256 shades of gray) while mentally correlating anatomy of the patient’s body and transducer movements necessary to obtain diagnostic quality images.
  • Ability to multi-task and observe many things at the same time.
  • Able to stand for prolonged periods, and to reach, grasp and apply pressure with the transducer.
  • Ability to recall information: consistently remember numerous steps necessary in following a scanning protocol and obtaining fetal heart rates.
  • Commitment to ongoing study (recommend 5-10 CME/CEUs per year in sonography)
  • Ability to perform approximately 100 scans per year after initial training to maintain competency.

To apply, contact Leah Conner at lconner@wpcnetwork.org


Olathe Clinic: Client Care Counselor

Reports To: Executive Director

Description of Duties: Provides direct service to clients at Olathe Pregnancy Clinic


  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Solid commitment to pro-life and responsible sexual values
  • Strong motivation to serving others in distress
  • WPC/OPC spiritual criteria
  • Successfully completes Client Care Training Program
  • If post-abortive, completion of a healing workshop as a participant

Duties/General Responsibilities:

  1. Attends weekly staff meetings and other seminars or educational events as required.
  2. Maintains commitment to Faith, Legal, Confidentiality, and sexual requirements as signed.
  3. Continuing education in the self-paced training and completing testing.
  4. Works with ED in offering feedback, coordination of client care with other departments when desirable and communication of personnel issues when applicable.
  5. Performs other duties assigned as requested from leadership. (ED or OM)
  6. Completes all client contact information in data entry, file client file in file cabinet daily. Under no circumstances should client files be left in individual filing cabinets, taken home, or left out on work area.

Client Care steps to take

  1. Answers phone calls in a Christ-like love approach.
  2. Listens to caller and offers appropriate solution to questions and fears. (object of call is to get he client to come in for appointment).
  3. When client enters the clinic – greet warmly- offer snack- give appropriate paperwork. Log into system immediately.
  4. Meet with client for visit needs.
  5. Offers consolations, information, literature, to client as appropriate.
  6. Introduce client to Resource manager (all positive pregnancy tests or those with an infant under six months).
  7. Book client for sonogram if needed. Keep Sonographer informed of Clients intentions.
  8. Follows up with clients in appropriate time frame.
  9. Answers texts inquiring about services – do not discuss abortion procedure thru texting – attempt to get appointment.
  10. Follow up on all web submissions – again do not discuss the abortion procedure in email – attempt to get appointment.
  11. Educates client in one on one prenatal classes.
  12. Educates clients with children in group classes during day limiting class to four clients.
  13. Inform clients about Bible study and Momology classes on Thursday evenings.
  14. All visits and documentation needs are entered by end of each day and filed.


At the beginning of each day we are ready to greet clients and answer phone calls at opening time at each location.

  1. All work area is to be clean and organized at end of day
  2. Make sure Kitchen is clean.
  3. Make sure all client working or visiting areas are clean and neat.
  4. Make sure that all bathrooms have the paper supplies needed.
  5. Take all trash out at end of day.
  6. Clinic is locked, lights off, and security system armed at end of day.

Visitors and Donors:

Because of the fact staff is at the front window to receive donors, visitors and clients they are to do the following:

  1. If visiting with a donor, make sure to fill out the donation form an see if ED is available to meet donor. Process paperwork to proper person.
  2. If visiting with a visitor usher to waiting room and let person who is expecting visitor know of arrival.
  3. Make sure visitor is made to feel welcome, offer drink and snack.

To apply, email or call Diane Drouhard at ddrouhard@olathepregnancyclinic.org or 913.232.2992