Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022
7 p.m. | Dinner and Program
Overland Park Convention Center

Father Conroy

He was mentored by Mother Teresa and has given his life on the front line serving the poorest of the poor. Join Father Robert Conroy—Vicar General of the Missionaries of Charity, priest, author and retreat master—for dinner and a gripping, agonizingly close look at what St. Teresa of Calcutta called the greatest poverty: abortion. He’ll share with us why we are all CALLED TO LOVE BOLDLY.

What is a life worth?

It has been reported that one of Mother Teresa’s favorite texts in the Bible is from Matthew: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Fr. Conroy was the third priest to be ordained, in late January 1989, into the Missionaries of Charity order of the Roman Catholic Church she founded. He knew her well and embraced the same call to serve the poor. His account of his life’s pursuit and passion is honest. It closes the spaces we erect between ourselves and the battle being waged in our culture over the fundamental right to life.

Fr. Conroy tells us that from the very beginning Missionaries of Charity felt special responsibility to take the message, call to service and beauty of the life of Mother Teresa to the world. With us the evening of Sept. 1, 2022, he will share why abortion was tied to the very core of her life’s work and his belief that we are all called to love boldly.

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“For Mother Teresa, the greatest poverty is the spiritual emptiness that causes people to discard other human beings as useless objects…‘It is a poverty,’ she said, ‘to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.’

“Mother Teresa also identified abortion as the greatest threat to peace in the world. For abortion is not simply a matter of the abandonment and indifference suffered by the poor dying in the streets of Calcutta. It is an act of intentional violence, of direct killing as a means to an end.”

Excerpt from a post adapted from an article by Marcellino D’Ambrosio published by the Catholic News Service in August 2016 and appearing by permission at:

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Our Distinguished Guest: Father Robert Conroy

Our keynote speaker has been active for nearly 30 years in over 30 countries. Born in 1961 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fr. Conroy works in both rural and urban areas with native peoples and the homeless, alcoholics, drug addicts and gang members in prison.

Fr. Conroy was the third priest to be ordained, in late January 1989, into the Missionaries of Charity order of the Roman Catholic Church, which was founded by Mother Teresa. A Topeka Capital-Journal photojournalist’s first-hand account* says the ordination took place outdoors in Tijuana, Mexico, in an area of extreme poverty. Far from the grandeur of a large church or cathedral, there were no stained-glass windows, spires, church bells or comfortable pews. Those who gathered sat on long, wooden boards placed on top of cinder blocks on a floor of dirt. Despite the sparse surroundings, they experienced unmistakable joy over the witness to the occasion who stood among them: Mother Teresa.

Now Vicar General of the Missionaries of Charity, a priest, author and retreat master for many throughout the world, Fr. Conroy will share his personal understanding of Mother Teresa with us. He will inspire us with his first-hand account of her simplicity, holiness and deep faith journey and the impact that had on his own life and call. He will bring us to a deeper recognition of the poverty of abortion.


My vocation to the priesthood was revealed to me one day while my family was driving along the USA-Mexican border because my parents were looking for a home in suburban El Paso. Gazing at the Rio Grande and all that was visible south of that river made an impression upon me–tarpaper shacks, dirt floors, no electricity, laundry everywhere. When I looked north, I could see nice homes, clean streets, trees, and garbage cans lined up on the curb. Something moved within me, and I felt the Lord calling me to serve the poor as a priest.
Fr. Robert Conroy, M.C.

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